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Pain / Tens Machines

TENS Machines

Search through our wide range of TENS Machines for effective pain relief.

We stock TENS devices suiting every budget.

TENS Machines are battery operated devices that stimulate nerves using electrical current and distract pain signals away from the brain.

Pain / Tens Machines


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TENS Machines for Pain Relief

TENS Machines are an effective form of pain management for many people. TENS machines have been on our shelves for over 40 years and many still swear by their effectiveness today.

How Do TENS Machines Work?

TENS Machines use electrical impulses to stimulate nerve pathways which in turn blocks the pain signal from passing to the brain - this is the reduction of perception of pain that we experience. The output of the strength (current) of a TENS Machine is variable and can be controlled by the user depending on the pain and needs of the person using the device. TENS stands for 'Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and each element describes a part of the pain relieving process. The TENS devices are often used in around 15 minute sessions and can be used several times per day depending on the severity of the pain it is being used to treat.

What Pain Can TENS Treat?

There is a huge array of pains that TENS can help to treat including but not limited to; migraines, back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, period pain, arthritis, labour pain and lots more.

Do TENS Machines Hurt?

In a simple answer, no. The electrical current produces a tingling or buzzing sensation for the user and depending on how comfortable the user feels, they can often increase or decrease the strength of the TENS machine using the dials, switches and modes on the TENS device.

Is TENS Safe?

Yes, TENS is a non-invasive and drug free pain treating method and is designed to better the quality of life for all those using a TENS machine. For some users, the TENS can completely cure or at least dramatically reduce the level of pain they are experiencing. TENS operates on the 'Gate Theory', which suggests that there is a theoretical gate that either allows or inhibits pain from travelling to the brain. It is suggested that TENS acts as a deferrer of pain to essentially close the gate or neural mechanism in the spinal cord.

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