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Neck Braces & Supports

Neck supports are used to help relieve and to treat the symptoms of neck pain. The neck brace will support the weight of your head allowing the damaged area of the neck, often the soft tissue, to heal. The neck braces can often limit the range of movement to also aid the healing of other areas of the neck.

Neck Braces & Supports


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Neck Braces and Supports

What can neck supports be used to treat?

Neck supports on this site can be used to treat neck conditions, ranging in severity, from neck sprains, to spinal damage.

For neck sprains more simple products are appropriate, for example the Foam Neck Brace. Foam braces offer more gentle support, which still allows for gentle movement, where immobilisation may do more damage. Foam neck braces have the added benefit of providing compression and warmth to the neck, supporting rehabilitation and reducing recovery time.

For more severe neck damage a solid, plastic immobilisation collar may be necessary to protect against severe injury. Most immoblisation collars on this website are 2 piece Philadelphia collars, however a Headmaster Collar is also available. The Headmaster Collar works to hold the neck in position without the covering the skin, allowing for more comfortable support.

What sizes do the neck supports come in?

Most of the collars listed on this website come with specific sizes for the user to select. The collars provide further adjustment through the use of velcro straps and hook and loop closures.

To select a size, find your best fit by comparing the sizes at the bottom of the page description and select the size from the drop box at the top of the page, next to the price of the collar.

Some of the foam supports do not have specific sizes and can be universally adjusted to fit any neck using the adjustable functions. These are effective at treating mild neck pain only and should be used if your neck needs additional contouring.

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