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Hernia Supports

Hernia Supports


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Hernia Belt

What is a Hernia?

A hernia occurs when an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that holds it in place. This manifests itself externally as a soft bulge around the groin area. Although a tender feeling may occur around the area, pain is not always felt, however it is important that the hernia is treated to avoid further complications.

Hernias can be surgically corrected by a doctor sewing up the gap in the tissue, or through the use of surgical mesh.

Hernias can usually be pushed back into the tissue and may disappear when lying down. This type of hernia can be supported using a hernia belt which works to push the hernia back into place.

What are Hernia Belts and When Should they be Used?

Hernia Belts can be used as a temporary reprieve from discomfort after hernia protrudment. They should be used in accordance with medical advice and should not be used as a substitute for permanent treatment.

Hernia Belts can also be used in the early stages of hernia protrudment to decrease the amount of pressure on the opening and curtail the risk of further complications.

Finally, hernia belts may be used after hernia surgery to support the procedure, provide protection against, and reduce the pressure on the area.

How Do Hernia Belts Work?

Hernia belts are strapped around the pelvis and work to externally hold the protrudment in the tissue. The belts should be worn for most of the day and ideally taken off at night.

The belts have firm pads, which hold the organ in place, and adjustable straps to adjust the compression to the required tightness. The belt should be tight enough to push the hernia into place by itself.

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