How to Improve Your Posture at Work

Having a desk job and not moving for hours on end can make you really stiff and sore. Even with the good intentions that you are going to walk around and stretch in the short breaks, the motivation lasts for about three days then disappears.

Sitting down hunched over your laptop can aggravate injuries you already have and then people wonder why they have stiff necks, sore lower backs and scrunched up shoulders.

There are so many exercises on the internet that will loosen up the muscles but, in reality, if your posture was better and consistent then you wouldn't be as stiff and sore.

Improve Your Posture at Work

Laptop Height

Having your computer screen or laptop at the correct height is key. The top of the screen should be level with your eyes to avoid you stooping down to stare at the screen.

It’s also important that you don’t just lower your chair as this can cause other issues. Make sure your chair is at a height that allows you to type with your wrists straight and your elbows at a 90-degree angle.

Straight Back

Sitting with a straight back is also key. When your spine is straight it’s more difficult to curve your shoulders so they don’t end up stiff.

To do this, you need a decent office chair with head support to enable you to look straight forward, then you can press your spine into the back of the chair to keep it straight.

Two Feet on the Floor

Place your feet firmly on the ground, not on the wheels or base support of your chair. Putting both feet firmly on the floor rather than crossing your legs or putting your feet on the chair support will give you balance and stability and prevents your spine leaning to one side.

Support Those Wrists

If you suffer from repetitive strain injury then get yourself a wrist rest. This helps to support the wrists whilst typing but don’t use it all the time as some specialists say it can actually increase your chances of getting the strain. If you are going to buy one then make sure you get a gel filled support.

Get Up and Walk

It will do you wonders to get up from the desk and walk around the office if only for five minutes to the toilets and back. You are moving to prevent the joints getting stiff and whilst you are walking around you can do some shoulder rolls.

It’s also a good idea to touch your toes every now and again to stretch the lower back. If you feel embarrassed you can always do it in the toilet cubicle whilst listening to your favourite music on your headphones for a short energising break.

Your Health, Your Body

There are a lot of people who will sit on the edge of the chair, their feet balanced on the wheel arms, with their forearms and elbows balanced on the desk and stooping forward, looking down staring at the screen. Not great for your posture at all and unless you want to end up stooped over during your retirement, then follow the tips above.

Remember, it is your health and your body so by reading and actioning the tips above you will feel better and more flexible. We have a wide range of products to help you with your posture, take a look to find the right one for you.